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February – A Month Of Love, Happiness and Milestones

Bernadette and Steven

February! Well, it’s now March but due to the fact that I’ve been fiddling with the website for the entire month of February, my Valentine’s Day post is now in March – ah well! But, without further adieu, February is typically the month of love, happiness, chocolates, wine and I can go on and on. […]

Happy Anniversary – Thank You For Hitting It and Not Quitting It!

Just in case you didn’t gather from the title – IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY…. Now let’s play a fun game (and be sure to put your answer in the ‘comments section’ below) – Ready? How long do you think that Steven and I have been together for? *insert Jeopardy thinking music* We’ve actually only been together […]

An Open Letter To My Amazing Boyfriend…In Case You Need To Be Reminded

Jack In The Box Gully - Barbados

On the heels of my 26th birthday (and yes I’m still feeling rather nostalgic – so let a girl live), I couldn’t help but think of how grateful I was to have such an amazing boyfriend – Steven! Steven plotted, planned, schemed and managed to pull together such an amazing surprise for me to celebrate […]