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February – A Month Of Love, Happiness and Milestones

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February! Well, it’s now March but due to the fact that I’ve been fiddling with the website for the entire month of February, my Valentine’s Day post is now in March – ah well! But, without further adieu, February is typically the month of love, happiness, chocolates, wine and I can go on and on. […]

Happy Anniversary – Thank You For Hitting It and Not Quitting It!

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Just in case you didn’t gather from the title – IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY…. Now let’s play a fun game (and be sure to put your answer in the ‘comments section’ below) – Ready? How long do you think that Steven and I have been together for? *insert Jeopardy thinking music* We’ve actually only been together […]

An Open Letter To My Amazing Boyfriend…In Case You Need To Be Reminded

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On the heels of my 26th birthday (and yes I’m still feeling rather nostalgic – so let a girl live), I couldn’t help but think of how grateful I was to have such an amazing boyfriend – Steven! Steven plotted, planned, schemed and managed to pull together such an amazing surprise for me to celebrate […]