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St.Lucia Travel Itinerary: Make The Most Of Your 4-Day Trip

Pigeon Island St.Lucia

I’ve always been a very organised traveller, especially during short trips! After all, who wants to waste money to not fully experience and enjoy all that your destination has to offer? For me, being organised is simply euphoric (yes, it’s that good) and the more excited I am, the more organised I become! P.S. This was a very exciting […]

Gros Piton: What I’ve Learned About Life, Myself And Love

The Summit of Gros Piton

On April 28th, 2017, my partner, Steven and I decided we were going to climb the iconic Gros Piton. We did a bit of research and went for it, and without a doubt, this breathtaking mountain was unlike any other experience. What’s more important, I also learnt a few life lessons, not only about life […]

St.Lucia In A Nutshell: A Quick (And Useful) Guide To St.Lucia

The Pitons, St.Lucia, Caribbean |

One thing’s for sure, St.Lucia is well known for its luxurious resorts, mountainous landscapes and of course, the culture. But, like going to any new and exciting part of the world, there are always a few important things one must know before travelling. Here is a list of helpful and useful information which will prepare you for […]

5 Exhilarating Things You Must Do In St.Lucia!

Pigeon Island, St.Lucia

Known to be the one of the most romantic Caribbean islands, the volcanic island of St.Lucia (Saint Lucia) is a traveller’s paradise as it offers more than just beaches. As it is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, it is also perfect for nature lovers and hence the activities on the island go beyond the water. […]