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Beach Safety | 7 Tips To Avoid Drowning At The Beach

Best Beaches in Barbados

The tropical island of Barbados is known for its pristine sands and calm clear blue crystal-like waters – it really is no wonder why it’s dubbed as the playground for the rich and famous! But, beyond the breathtaking nature of the sea, it is also important not to take the sea for granted – so […]

Barbados In A Nutshell: A Quick (And Useful) Guide To Barbados

Like going to any new and exciting part of the world, there are always a few things one must know before travelling. Here is a list of helpful and useful information which will prepare you for life on the picturesque island of Barbados!   AREA CODE – The country code of Barbados is +(1) 246. TOTAL AREA – […]

5 Of The Most Popular Rum Shops To Visit In Barbados

The rum shop is an integral part of the Barbadian culture and history. But don’t let the name fool you now, we definitely do not spend all day just sipping on our great blends. Rather a lot of time is spent socialising with people from every social and ethnic background and no topic is off […]

5 Popular Car Hire Companies in Barbados (Plus 3 Smaller Alternatives) That You Need To Know!

Car Hire Companies Barbados | bottled-sunshine.com

Hired cars can be an added bonus to any vacation as they are not only great value for money but it also makes it easier to truly experience the ‘island life’ as not every part of the island can be easily accessed by bus – or comfortably by foot! With Barbados being 21 miles long […]

How To Ensure A Zika Free Holiday

In the Caribbean where the tropical atmosphere inevitably brings out our tiny (but not so friendly) friends, it would be helpful to know: when they are more prevalent and how to prevent being bitten by these little vampires.   What You Should Know: The weather plays a significant role with any type of small terror […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Two Day Trip In Barbados!

Speightstown Beach, Barbados, Caribbean | bottled-sunshine.com

Barbados’ 11 parishes offer breathtaking taking sceneries as well as unique and historic adventure, making it an irresistible destination to explore. Here’s how to visit each parish and make the most of your trip – yes, in two days! Day 1 1.    Visit The Parliament Buildings In The Heart Of Barbados – St. Michael […]

5 Deliciously Healthy Vegan & Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants To Try In Barbados

In Barbados, you may think that the island does not have many vegan or vegetarian options for you to choose from, but there are indeed a variety of restaurants and/or cafés which offer vegan, vegetarian as well as gluten-free options. Here you’ll find a selection of dining options which offer nutritiously delicious dishes guaranteed to be as tasty as it […]

12 Things You Need To Know (and Didn’t Know) About Barbados

Brandon's Beach

Depending on your travel style, Barbados can be a very captivating, fun and not to mention humorous island to travel to. Like going to any new and exciting part of the world, there are a few things you should know. So as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, here are 12 important things to know about Barbados […]

Take A Piece Of Barbados With You With 5 Locally-Made Products

Barbados Parliament Buildings, Barbados | bottled-sunshine.com

This year, the historic and commemorative month of November represents the 50th Anniversary of Independence for this beautiful gem of the Caribbean. So, there really isn’t a better time than now, to not only show our love for this little island but the love for everything ‘Bajan’! So here is a list of some of my favourite […]

7 Deliciously Sweet Treats You Must Try In Barbados

November 30, 2016, is an important day for many Barbadians as it represents the island’s day of independence. But, the year 2016 is especially significant as Barbados celebrates a half-century of being an independent nation! As Barbados celebrates its 50th Anniversary, what better way to celebrate than by tasting 7 Barbadian sweet treats.   1. […]