Steven and I met randomly at a Crop Over event that neither of us was supposed to attend. I was slightly tipsy and he was acting a bit shy – but thanks to the liquid courage, that didn’t stop me from getting an introduction via our mutual friend Liam.

To be honest, we were both emotionally fragile so a relationship wasn’t at the forefront of our minds either. We were just two random persons in a party who happened to strike up a conversation which led to the beginning of an unsuspecting relationship.

We met on June 25, 2016, and we would be getting married on June 25, 2019.

Our wedding date is very symbolic for us; it symbolizes the being of a new chapter, how impactful unplanned situations have a way of working themselves out and how you can truly find true love in the most random of places when you least expect it.

So far we’ve gotten a lot of help and loads of advice on our journey to “Mr. and Mrs. Jemmott” and we’ll like to share that with you!

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The Proposal

On the 10th day of our trip to Dubai, we found ourselves at The Dubai Mall to grab some lunch and for Grandad (who only arrived in Dubai that very day) to see the Dubai Fountain, The Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. We had also gotten tickets (beforehand) to the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk as it was known to be a spectacular show. So imagine our surprise when we see tons and tons of people crowded around to see this show. Like, we paid for something that everyone gets to see for free?! We then realized that The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk was actually a floating viewing platform meaning that you can walk onto the lake and have a front-row seat of this show!

We get there just in time for the show to start and I’m in complete awe. It’s truly majestic when you’re so close. I was so engrossed in the show that I didn’t even realize Steven had gotten on one knee. Here’s how the dialogue went:

Me: Babe, oh my gosh, this is amazing!

Steven: *silence*

Me: *as I attempt to take a seat and make myself comfortable* Babe, I hope you’re taking photos. Look at this! Holy shit!

Steven: Babe, look…

Me: *completely confused as to why I need to break my concentration, I turn around…*

And there was Steven, on one knee, asking me to marry him.


My Grandfather passed away 5 months after, he was supposed to walk me down the aisle, but, words cannot express how happy I was (still am) that Steven included two of the most important people in my life, my mother and my grandfather, to witness this milestone in our lives!



Jason & Jaelyn

Zarita – Maid Of Honor (HBIC)

“I like you – I shall call you Giggles” was the start of a long friendship. Zarita is a ride or die friend – the friend who you can call at 3am crying and she always knows exactly what to say or do to make everything better. She’s also the friend to slash a tyre or two because if you mess when her friend, you mess with her – beware of the HBIC!



“You know I’m born 2 weeks before you”!

Najuma is one of my longest and closest friends, after all, she is my cousin. Not many people have family who you love so much that even if they weren’t family, you’ll still love them regardless!


I met Ashley at a Christmas job when we were younger. Turned out that she lived walking distance from my house. Ashley is a work friend that turned into the brutally honest friend, the fashionista friend, the “I got your back friend even when you haven’t spoken in months” friend – a forever friend.


Steven and I didn’t have to be engaged for me to adopt a little sister. Steffani is the sweetest spirit you’ll ever meet and I’m sure she can’t wait for me to officially be her big sister as much as I can – if you mess with Steffani, you mess with me.


The daughter of one of my favourite uncles (yes I have two favourite uncles), she is like the sister I never had. You should really see us two in action, we are like two peas in a pod. She’s also coming all the way from Monrovia, Liberia and I’m excited!

Steve – Best Man

“Hello Steven, how are the drawings going for the building…”
Me: “Sorry you want my father…”
He’s been there for the best and the worst of times, usually the first person to help and the last to leave… 
He’s always up to the challenge so I gave him one…show up to my wedding EARLY lol


Jason and I really got close during university. A lot of the reason I made it through my first and second year was because of him. Over time we kept supporting each other until finding out that we were actually related! On top of that, he asked me to be one of his little princess’ (Jaelyn) Godfathers!  


Kyle was and continues to be one of the people I call when I just want to share personal stuff. After all, we grew up together, I took the blame for him on so many occasions, so it’s only fair he repays the favour of being one of my groomsmen!


The longest stable friendship award goes to… Seriously,  Avi has been that friend that I don’t think I could shake if I ever wanted to. He’s basically family. We shared lots of moments, some I wish we could remember! We don’t always agree nor do we always see each other but that’s the thing about true friendship, it runs deeper than small conversations or drinks nights.


My guy! Kemar couldn’t possibly be left off this list, else there wouldn’t be a wedding. There isn’t any one particular thing I can say he’s done for me because he’s been there for me from the beginning. If he bleeds, I bleed because chances are I’ll be there beside him. 


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All photos will also be viewable here after the event.

Photos: Amery Butcher
Videography: Nathan Mack