‘Bottled Sunshine’ is a Caribbean travel blog which brings you the picturesque beauty of the Caribbean islands.

The panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea which lie in our backyard inspire us to share thoughtful posts and crafted guides on life on the island with the hopes that we can “forever bottle the warm sunshine and enjoy endless summers in paradise”.

Who Are We?

We are Bernadette and Steven – a quirky couple living on the tropical island of Barbados, with a love for all things romantic with a side of adventure –  let’s make that two sides of adventure!

Bernadette, born in Zimbabwe to a Ghanaian mother, is the blogger behind ‘Bottled Sunshine’. Her infectiously effervescent personality transcends through each blog post as her goal is to share the nature of Barbados island life which lies beyond the sun, sand and sea!

Steven, born and bred in Barbados is the guy behind the visuals on ‘Bottled Sunshine’. A country boy at heart, Steven’s goal is to capture the exciting nature of Barbados because even though the island is small, there is always something to do, you just have to go out there and find it!

And together, we want to help you have the best island adventures ever and hence you’ll find almost any (and everything) about Barbados and much more right here – your trusty Caribbean Travel Blog, and of course, we’ll take you on our adventures around the world, whenever our day jobs allow us to!

So, take a look through our spirited guides, travel tips, reviews and ways to enjoy the island while keeping in mind to “to forever bottle the warm sunshine and enjoy endless summers in paradise!”

And of course, you can also follow us and our adventures on Instagram at @missb.sunshine and @stevenjemm!